Step 5: Buyer Payment Plan 
The fifth step is evaluating financing options, such as cash, lease, loan, and/or a second (tag along) mortgage.  We can help determine which mall financier certified provider works best for each buyer.  Take for example the leasing of a car.  The purchase price is divided up over a period of 60 monthly payments and requires the buyer to pay only the first and last month’s payment amount at the start of the lease, creating a low cost of entry.  At the end of the sixtieth month, the buyer can buy out the value left in the car and own it.  However, consider the case of buying a photovoltaic product.  These products are installed on a residence or business and convert the collected solar energy to electricity.  This energy is used by the buyer; any excess electrical energy is returned to the power grid and the power company pays the buyer for the excess received. Thus, there is a return channel of income back to the buyer.  As energy costs grow, the return on investment shortens. At a future point that depends on the purchase price and time period, the returns exceed the costs, and money is returned to the buyer.  The electric company will actually send the buyer a check every month.
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