Step 4: Customer Energy Plan 
The energy plan is based on the information collected in the audit and presents the possible product solutions fitting the customer’s need.  This information is funneled into a template-driven ROI (Return on Investment) calculator to evaluate and compare energy management products.  Then the appropriate product solutions are proposed along with a possible installation schedule and list of installation specialists.  USAem maintains a database of known grants, rebates, incentives, valuation increases, tax credits and discounts based on the state and county of the customer and itemizes these for the customer.  These incentive factors make many products more affordable because they shorten the ROI (Return On Investment).  An incentive benefit is not realized until Step 7, but can positively influence a customer’s decision to buy a product.  The customer chooses the product and services he/she wants, and USAem generates a sales agreement that includes the total cost including the appliance, supplies and installation.  The costs of the energy audit and energy plan are applied as a discount if the solution is purchased, which makes the final price of a product more attractive and is the figure used for the basis of the Step 5 Customer Payment Plan.
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