Step 2: Matching the Buyer to the correct Certified Providers 
The second step is matching a buyer to mall certified providers.  Anyone can visit the USA Green Energy Mall website and access the directory of listings that provides limited information about mall certified providers.  The key is that a buyer may register free to become a “mall member.”  The value of membership to the buyer is two-fold.  The more important value is that the proprietary technology creates a buyer/customer relationship management (CRM) profile.  This buyer’s “green energy” profile can then be matched to the mall’s certified provider's profiles.  For example, a residential or commercial buyer wants lighting and/or solar hot water and/or photovoltaic and the mall MatchMaker technology matches this two-dimensional matrix to a three-dimensional matrix by recommending mall certified providers.  These matches open channels of communication among the buyers and certified providers.  The other value of buyer membership is that it gives the buyer access to complete information about mall’s certified providers, including the library’s buyer’s certified provider's reviews.
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