Step 1: Education for both Buyers and Mall Certified Providers
The first step is education and is available free at the USA Green Energy Mall.  Our library includes buyer reviews that are only available to mall members and certified providers, custom training videos, and educational reference materials. Here a shopper can learn what green options are available to reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce long-term energy costs.  For example, one of the biggest energy offenders in every home is the water heater.  Powering the water heater 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all 365 days of the year accounts for 25% of most residential electric usage.  On average, installing solar water heaters in place of electric water heaters can cut that number in half.  Additionally, lighting changes can account for another 10% to 15% of savings by simply switching from incandescent lights to compact fluorescents.  Even better lighting solutions exist which use even less power, provide better color to the human eye, and more light, but some of these require new fixtures.
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